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Rishti India Provides Brochure Design Service you will find the solutions for all your brochure marketing requirements – from the outline of concepts and messages, to the final printing.

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Advantages of Brochure Graphic Design

  • We offer various brochure designing concepts with killer instinct to mark your overall impression
  • Concept creation as per your business type or niche
  • We have well experienced teams of graphic brochure designers, marketing experts, illustrators and copywriters
  • Experience of more than a decade in the industry and we have served thousands of clients worldwide
  • On-time designing solution in a cost effective style
  • Different types and creative graphic brochure designing destination- a complete graphic design brochure solution.

Brochure Designing Process

  • Set your goals
  • Prepare a concise text
  • Brochure graphic design Mockup
  • Brochure graphic design final rendering
  • Brochure printing

Types of Brochures

Bi-fold Brochure

Structure: It is centrally folded forming four panels — A front cover serving as introduction, a back cover providing contact information and two inside panels for the main content.
Use: Usually considered the most formal type of brochure, this is widely used product presentations, institutional introductions and etc.

Tri-fold Brochure

Structure: It is folded in three parts providing six panels for information. The structure makes room for powerful designs that create an enticement to open the brochure.
Use: Intended to be handed over to people, these brochures are very helpful for sales campaigns and trade shows.


Structure: Usually in the form of a single piece of papers, flyers are basically circulars or pamphlets with two panels aimed at mass circulation.
Use: You can go for flyers in case of campaigns or promotions that cater to a huge audience during activities like product launch or announcement of special offers.


Structure: It is usually a low-cost version of flyer, circular or pamphlet again possessing two panels—a front and a back one.
Use: Leaflets are generally printed for any kind mass distribution and offer a low cost option for campaigns.If you are targeting other businesses you may want to provide more detail and consider a larger size leaflet.


Structure: These come in the form of small books generally bearing a paper cover. In short these are flyers or leaflets with more than one page.
Use: You can use them to incorporate information about some of your best products during advertising campaigns. Booklets can also be successfully used as training or information manuals.


Structure: Catalogues can be designed in various formals, the usual one comprising around 8 pages. Large catalogues may possess 100 or more pages.
Use:These are efficient sales accessories and can be used to provide in-depth product and services information to repeat as well as prospective customers.Communicating message the way it should be done.