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According to the U.S. Department of ecommerce, online sales in the second quarter increased a whopping 17.6 percent from the same quarter last year. Contrast that with the total retail sales increase of 8.1 percent for the same period, and you see that online sales growth outpaces offline by a wide margin. E-commerce sales skyrocket across the developing world as well, building an online presence is a low-risk way to test new markets or complement existing store footprints. According to the Forbes an ecommerce solution are becoming essential for small- to medium-sized businesses as online sales during the last few months grew at 15-20 % year over year, while retail merchant were down.

As the internet becomes more commonplace and the concept of Online Marketing is ever expanding, many products and services are available online today through the use of online payment transactions, and as per the survey results people have become more comfortable to shop online.


In a busy marketplace bustling with strong competition from all quarters, it is essential for companies to have an able E-commerce Development partner to gain edge over the competition. Rishti India delivers efficient Custom Magento eCommerce store development services along with a huge list of offerings including extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services.

With the help of its efficient, experienced and expert team of Magento developers and engineers, Rishti India can offer domain-specific tailored E-commerce development solutions to ensure the smooth running of each of your eCommerce applications.

Furthermore, the company is offers systematic and organized solutions for clients with E-commerce sites and even helped some to migrate to Magento with amazing nimbleness and customization expertise. Rishti India can deliver multiple capabilities to eCommerce sites, leveraging the core strengths of Magento based on current trends of the market.



As the name suggests B2B websites are used for the transactions between businesses to business. It is the exchange of Service or Products between businesses rather than business and consumers. Generally B2B websites perform mass transactions which mean higher volume of transaction than the B2C websites.

These B2B websites are useful in generating bulk business and they help the owners to earn huge profits.

Many ecommerce platforms are used to develop B2B websites with all required in built functionalists. Business 2 Business websites created on these platforms have good rankings in search engines as these platforms are enriched with relevant SEO strategies. To get a B2B website built, it's preferable to consult with any B2B Website Development Company such as Rishti India.

Website developers at Rishti India have years of experience in B2B Ecommerce Web Development. Our team of designers, developers, project managers can cater you needs in a very efficient way thus providing you what you need. B2B websites designed by our team play a vital role in achieving your goals by providing better lead generations that will be forwarded to your sales team.


In this internet era, we can find many online business owners and online shoppers who love to purchase things from different shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon, Shop-clues and more. With their busy schedules, people have very less time to go at each and every shop, find a product that matches their budget as well as needs.

With ecommerce growing by leaps and bounds, these decisions can be taken very easily. All websites can be visited on the go as now-a-days internet is used on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and computers. Gone are those days where people had to visit cyber cafe to surf internet, it has become a daily need now.

When you feel hungry, login to the app, order online and get the food delivered to your office or home; life has become this much easier saving time and money thus allowing people to spend their precious time with their beloved ones. Seeing this trend, every business sector has started developing mobile applications, android applications so that their customers can take benefit of their services as and when required.



All Businesses are moving towards the web portal development to grow and maximize the benefits. If you are having multiple businesses or services for large number of users then you definitely require web portal which can manage multiple businesses and services at one place with common data. Web portal is described as a website with multiple pages, resources and features like live chat systems, message boards, voting polls, blog community, rating systems etc all available at one single place. Web Portals can grow customer base and can improve inter-business interactions.

We at Rishti India, Web Portal Development Company, we provide Web Portal Development solutions which are secure, scalable, and personalized. We believe in delivering the Web Portal Solution that is best suitable solution which is performance oriented, secure and robust that is crafted according to your requirements.


Magento is a robust platform that has helped plethora of business enterprises to make their mark on the web world. As an open source e-commerce platform, it comes packed with loads of features and functionalities to help you set up your dream store in the shortest possible time. Rishti India offer exceptional Magento Store Development services to businesses of different statures.

Our Magneto store developers have the knack of building customized Magento stores either single or multiple, unique to our clients business. With our bespoke and ingenious solutions we have been successful in seizing the attention of clients from the world over.



Shopify is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms that make online selling easy. We, at Perception System, provide development service that includes shopping cart integration with product catalogue and secure payment gateway integration. Our Shopify app development service ensures to accomplish our client's goal by targeting mobile users.

There are many reasons why Shopify is one of the top rated e-commerce solutions out there. Firstly, it offers over a hundred distinct professional templates to design your online store which, if you want, can also be customized to suit your requirements. Other than that, Shopify comes with built-in website optimizer that helps your store show up in search engines.


OpenCart development is an open source platform providing flexibility to businesses to explore their options online. With the help of OpenCart development, the foundation of reliable online business store is possible. This foundation will help businesses to increase their product sales by dragging more and more people towards it. A rich and user friendly interface provides great user experience to customers. With a wide range of features, OpenCart has a hard grip over store customization as per business needs. Also there is a set of tools available with OpenCart, which help your store to live up to fullest.



WooCommerce is a very popular e-commerce platform, which is also an open source WordPress plugin. It is known for its simplicity but out-of-the-box it is a powerful and feature rich solution which is sufficient for most of the basic online businesses. The experienced WooCommerce team at Weberge can extend and transform WooCommerce to suit your custom business needs.

WooCommerce helps us deliver our clients with enterprise level outcomes with high level security standards, bird eye view of stores to check monthly sales and create reports, set taxes and calculation, manage day-to-day store and many other facilities for vendor and customers.