Engagement Models

Pick and choose or mix and match We generally work by these three engagement models; however we can tweak them to meet your requirements.

1. Dedicated Offshore Resources

As an Information & Technology solutions provider with more than 12+ years of experience under our belt, we understand your need for managerial control over the development process. With this in mind, we present to you our Hire a Developer Model that let’s you hire web developers, web designers, mobile application developers and SEO experts. This model provides you with a set of 3 options that highlight your needs and requirements.

If you have a fair idea about what you need and want to focus extensively on core business instead of worrying about software development go for this model.

2. Fixed Time & Fixed Price

You’ve got a business to run and you’ve got a very clear and concise idea on how to do so. This is where our Fixed Price Model comes in and does wonders for you. This model is an incarnate of efficiency and clarity. You give us your clear-cut ideas, requirements, scope along with the deliverables and acceptance and we execute the projects on a fixed-price and billing basis.

We then go ahead and segregate the entire project into several independent stages and furnish the client with working codes at every stage so as to ensure easy tracking and maintenance. This also gives the client a tangible vision in regards to the end solution. Needless to say, this model is an epitome of quality thanks to our tried and tested development procedures.
If the requirements and scope of the project is well defined (documented) this model is the best for you.

3. Time and Material

Our Time & Material model is perfect for clients that are unsure regarding the requirements, scope and end-results of a their project. Here we take your input and considerations at every stage keeping in mind that you require flexibility and continuous changes and upgradations in the project. Adding to this, we follow a very rigid project management and daily/weekly basis reporting system that ensures minimum complexity to you, our clients.

This sort of model is perfect if you are not quite sure about the resources, time and team size required to see the project through.

If the requirements and scope of the project is constantly evolving this model is the best for you.